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In 2016, YouTube videos resulted in approximately 11.13 million tonnes of CO2e.

We can help you plant trees for every video view, subscriber or action taken by your followers.

Show responsibility ✊

Take initiative on supporting the environment. Start planting trees and show your support and action to your community.

Reward your community’s loyality 👑

Grow your follower base by planting trees for every new subscriber. 
Or let every video plant trees for your followers.

Make your community aware of the problem 🌱

Become a thought leader by being transparent and mentioning the problem of video streaming. We provide you with information, calculations, and tips on how to reduce emissions. We also give your community an affordable option to take action – plant trees while you stream.

Here's what this could look like 🍿🌱


Plant a tree for every view

Plant a tree for every 1, 10, or 100 views, you name it.


Plant a tree for every subscriber

Then, choose the tree planting plan that tickles your fancy.


Plant a tree for every video

Plant trees for every video you upload.

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Created by Fabrice Diedrich & Liam Hänel